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Today we will discuss a question that I get asked all the time: How do I increase the number of likes on my Facebook page? Well, that question has many, many answers. The reality of it is that it takes time, effort, and good planning. You must employ several different strategies working in unison to increase your Facebook page to an effective number of fans.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS? The people who already know, like and trust you.

1. Desktop Facebook - Go to the Page tab on your business/fan page. Click on the drop down menu next to the share button. Select Invite Friends from the drop down menu. You can do a search for specific friends that you want to invite or you can click on the ones that are shown. You can scroll down here and invite people that you know to like the page. As you start to get down to the bottom it’ll just start to add more.

2. Mobile Facebook - This is from the iPhone app. Go to the main page. Find the white space beneath your follower count and click on it. This will open several more menu items. Click 'Invite Friends to like this Page.' Facebook will pull up your friends list so you can select the friends to invite to like the page.

Now, if you do this once per week and invite about 20 people each time you will see a constant steady growth in the number of likes on your page. When you combine that with some of the other tactics that I’ll share with you in later blog posts than you’re go to see a steady consistent growth on your page of people who are actually engaging on your page.

So that's it for today, this is Haley Reggio. I am The Social Media Lady and don’t forget to go subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you haven't already, like our page.

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