About The Social Media Lady

Haley Reggio, The Social Media Lady

Haley Reggio, The Social Media Lady, is a full time social media nerd and full time solo mom. She is the chief visionary officer and in charge of opening new doors for the company. Her management degree from LSU in Shreveport provided her a great base knowledge of business and people, but a decade in outside sales, marketing, and management have allowed her to build a solid foundation on how to grow businesses. She has partnered with top-of-their-field designers, photographers, business coaches and web specialists to bring high quality services to our clients. We focus on building relationships with our clients and use a consultative approach to determining the client needs.

To augment our expertise, and provide the best service for our clients, we partner with the best of the best providers around. Our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) have the knowledge and the experience to produce exceptional services and deliverables.